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Casey Martin

Children's Book Author

International Elementary School Teacher


World Traveler

Casey Martin can usually be found leading a learning experience with an enthusiastic and excited group of diverse learners. It’s not uncommon to find him covered in paint, dressed in a crazy costume, or knee-deep in a school garden.  He is a world traveler and international school teacher with a passion for helping children make connections to the world around them. He  is committed to helping learners discover their individual beauty, strengths, and identity.



Get to Know Us

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The Color of Our Shadows

Oshadi Sandareka is an undergraduate student at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo- Sri Lanka. She is also a freelance children’s book illustrator and a book designer. She enjoys writing and storytelling and has illustrated over 15 books and works for Room to Read Organization as an illustrator. She has a special interest in drawing and painting, utilizing watercolor as a medium. Additionally she has participated in several international and national watercolor painting events and exhibitions.


Why Can't You See It?

Tate Braeckel is elementary art teacher, an illustrator, maker and creator.  We he is not in the classroom building, designing, contemplating and problem-solving.  He is former international school teacher who has now settled back  in Denver, Colorado, USA.  He has a passion for education,  helping students find their creative voices and for guiding a new generation of towards the discovery of their own identity as humans and creators.


Wally Worm and the Wool Scarves

Hebe Aztori never stays in the same place too long.  Her artwork often reflects her need for adventure and capturing the energy of each country she visits.  Hebe works in many mediums and has been commission for a variety of projects on a large and small scale.  You can find more of Hebe’s work on her website.

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