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The Color of Our Shadows is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that celebrates individuality and diversity.

It is a fun, interactive, journey filled with the rhyme of life’s discoveries that help shape the people we become.

We noticed our faces were many different colors! 

Each different from one another’s. 

Individual beauty, style, and grace  

were reflected in the colors that made up each face. 

Each face different, but we stood as one, 

looking at our shadows in the beautiful sun! 

Release date:  July 1st 2021

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Insider's View

Who are the superheroes in your life?  Barrett is full of energy and has a hard time telling others how he feels.  He just can’t understand why the most important people in his life can’t see how important they really are…. but can they?  With every turn of the page, Barrett shares his bright and colorful sketched adventures with the ones he loves. Why can’t you see it?  We can!

Release date: October 10th, 2021

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Why would a wiggly worm wear wool scarves? Wally wears his colorful wool scarves in the hot summer sun and the cool whirling winds of Malta. Wally only takes off his wool scarves at night when he crawls up through the street crack to feel the rain on his wiggles. Will this five-hearted worm figure out how wonderful his wiggles really are and shed those colorful scarves? Join Wally, the earthworm, on an adventure through the narrow streets of Malta and experience the vibrant boats in the bay, pink blossom candy falling from the trees, and fireworks in the sky. It’s a journey filled with new friends and self discovery.

April 2022

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